Wilson United Methodist Church


Intimacy with God and Connecting with Others

Starting Point

Getting Started Within the Wilson Family

The Starting Point group meets the first and third Wednesday of every month and is a place to get to know us, the Methodist church, Wilson's Mission/Vision, consider how you might serve in the life of the church, and how we want you to connect and grow. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to drop in at any point as this group intends to provide community for newcomers who have not yet connected in a Life Group. Please join us starting October 4th from 7:00-8:30. Please send an email to Pastor Dave at dave@wilsonumc.org if you'd like to attend.

Life Groups

Wilson's Mission: To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ


What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a safe and predictable environment where people will experience authentic community and spiritual growth. Life Groups are comprised of 10-12 people who intentionally seek to grow in Intimacy with God, Community with others, and Impact with the world. Each group will be led by a qualified leader who will guide the group in prayer, study, service, and play; and each meeting usually includes food!

How important are Life Groups? The Life Group environment is being created because we believe that people grow the deepest when they're in a community that provides accountability, belonging, and care. We believe that life is to be lived out in community, and it's there that life's needs can be met and God's word lived out. The importance of Life Groups cannot be stated more strongly, and we hope to see everyone connected in one.

When and where do they meet? Life Groups will meet weekly in members' homes on a night of their choosing.

Who should be in group? Everyone! We are working hard to provide a wide variety of groups that will connect as many people as possible. So, let us know of your interest!

How does one get into a group? Life Groups will be started at a "Launch Event" (held 2-3 times a year).

For more information please visit the Connection Center in the Taos room on Sunday at church, or contact the Life Groups Coordinator, Lea Ann Brookens, at LifeGroups@wilsonumc.org.