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Youth Mission Statement

"The Wilson UMC youth group seeks to model Jesus through following the Word, having a fun and loving spirit and by serving those in need."

A shorter version is "MODEL. FOLLOW. LOVE. SERVE."

Youth Ministry

Exciting changes are coming to Switch Back Youth Ministries this Winter / Spring!

Youth Group FIRST

What does it mean to you to "keep first things first?" To Joanna Lindstrom, Director of Youth Ministries, it means making sure the essentials of your life are in place and taken care of before tackling the smaller things. Christ is and should always be the first thing, THE essential, in our lives as Christians.

We've recently been convicted that some essential elements were missing from youth ministries. So, beginning January 2017, Switch Back Youth Ministries will be following the FIRST model on Sunday nights. FIRST stands for:

     F - Fun
     I - Instruction
     R - Relationships
     S - Service
     T - Testimonies

Every week, we will dive into one of these aspects and how it relates to growing in Christ, drawing on Biblical principles and takeaways. Some weeks we will have fun and play games (Fun), some weeks we will have a lesson and discussion (Instruction), some weeks we will have service projects or activities (Service), some weeks we will have a guest speaker or person share a personal, relevant story (Testimonies), and every week we will grow in our fellowship with one another (Relationships).

Here's the fun kick - youth won't know what aspect we are exploring each week. Why? This encourages youth to attend, discover what resonates the most with them and participate in areas that grow, stretch and challenge them. For example, we're sure every youth can get on board with playing games but not all of them will like service projects. Some may love instruction and discussion time but hate hearing stories and testimonies. It's important to remember Christ call us to serve and learn in all of these aspects, growing in the ways we learn and relate with one another.

The biggest change the FIRST model brings is we will no longer have regular monthly Tri/Try-Day Friday activities. Rest assured, we will still go "off-site" occasionally for fun events. And we will ALWAYS inform parents if we are leaving the church, if there is a cost involved and to exchange contact numbers. This Spring let's keep first things FIRST!

For more information on FIRST and other youth programs, contact Joanna Lindstrom, Director of Youth Ministries, at 271-4700 or joanna@wilsonumc.org.


Switch Back Youth Announcements

Please mark your calendars for the following upcoming events:

Join us for Youth group Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm. Remember, each week we will be doing something different - Fun, Instruction, Relationship-building, Service Project, or Hearing a Testimony! You'll have to come each week to discover what we will be doing.

Our annual winter retreat is January 19-21 at Golden Bell for ALL 6th - 12th graders. The cost will be $85.00. Click here to sign up.

Click "here" for the current Youth Information and Medical Form which is required for many youth events.