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11/12/20 Update!!!

NEW UPDATE 11/12/2020

People of Wilson,

Regarding worship and new COVID restrictions:

With COVID-19 cases surging, El Paso County has decided to move to “Safer at Home Level 3” guidelines by the end of the week (5:00pm Friday). That means capacities at many venues and businesses will need to be cut in order to abide by the state’s COVID-19 dial guidelines. This means that under Level 3 guidelines, we will only be able to allow 50 people for in-person worship on Sunday mornings. In-person indoor gatherings like Sunday School classes, small groups, and support groups are limited to 50 people (socially distanced at 6ft), with all persons wearing masks.

For the next two Sunday’s, 11/15 & 11/22 we will limit in-person attendance at the Flying W Ranch to 50 people (with no Children’s or Youth Ministry during worship) and encourage you to join us online at 8:45am. You can join us each week on our FaceBook page or on our new webpage for a live stream of our service.

Unfortunately, based on current projections, Colorado is expected to experience an ICU bed shortage shortly before Christmas. In response to this, Wilson’s leadership will meet next week to determine what our worship plans will be for November 29 through the end of December. So, please check our website, and/or our FaceBook page, for developing information.

If I might make some recommendations right now, they would be:

  • Severely limit, and even change, your social gatherings the next several weeks- especially for Thanksgiving (Tracy and I just cancelled our Thanksgiving travel plans with friends and family. It was a bummer, but we believe the right thing to do).  
  • Wear a mask, wash your hands, and don’t go anywhere if you’re feeling odd! I know, I sound like a broken record, and it might be frustrating, sometimes we need to hear what we know so that we do what we need to do.
  • Sign up for, and initiate on your phone, the Exposure Notifications App. THIS IS HUGE. Click here for more info. Based on current infection rates, the state cannot keep up with contact tracing. THIS WILL HELP. But it will only help if people use it.
  • Limit your entire family’s interactions with others. Nuf said…
  • Reach out to those you know at Wilson.

Our current stewardship series:

If you’re not aware, we just started a stewardship series which is, as is goes with all stewardship series’, intended to culminate with everyone filling out a pledge card and turning it in. Expect to receive a letter from Wilson in the next few days that includes a hard copy of a pledge card. You can fill that one out and mail it in (or turn it in Sunday morning). OR, you can click here and fill one out digitally (this is by far the easiest way).

Please note also that we have new mechanisms built directly into our new website that can also facilitate your giving digitally (PayPal as well as through Stripe – a secure, online giving platform). Check it out here.


If you’re struggling in the midst of quarantining and need someone to talk or pray with, please reach out! I am, and your staff team is, here for you. Click here (and then click on the staff member you want to email) and we will get back with you.

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