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“Broken Normal” Series

Early in the pandemic focused year of 2020, people started saying, “When will we get back to normal?”, or “I just want to go back to normal!” Everything in our life was flipped upside down. The thought of returning to “normal” gave us a light at the end of the tunnel. A hope to look forward to.

But what if normal was broken? Why would we want to go back? As we make our way back to our building, we are going to look at some specific areas of life that we hope don’t go back to normal.

From the practice of our faith and what it really means to be the church, to our finances. From fretting and being anxious all the time to the lack of margin in our busy and chaotic lives. It’s important at this time to pause and ask the question, “Do we really want to go back to ‘normal’ when normal was broken to begin with?”. This series will begin Sunday, May 2.

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