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New Sermon Series

Starting this Sunday, June 6. Worship with us at 9:00 or 10:30 AM.

Have you ever planned for, and taken, an extended road trip? One that had a final destination in mind? Well, that’s what we plan to do as we embark upon a journey through the book of Colossians entitled, “On the Grow.” It’s been a while since our last book study, and I believe that summertime can be a great time to get intentional and to sharpen our focus.

And that’s exactly what Paul is doing in his letter to a group of fledgling believers in the Colossian church. He’s focusing them. They were committed to growing in Christ, but were surrounded by people and issues that were trying to steer them on to side streets and put road blocks in their way – all of them efforts to hinder growth in a relationship with Jesus.

In this short letter, packed full of all sorts of practical wisdom for our own faith journey, we’ll find Paul speaking specifically to the obstacles that can hinder our growth as he directs us to stay focused on Jesus, the One who empowers us, so we can grow to be more like Him. So, join us…on the grow!

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