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Respire Haiti

For around ten years, Wilson UMC has partnered with God in Haiti through a ministry organization called Respire Haiti. Many of you have gone on mission trips there yourself, while others have attended fundraiser dinners (and if Respire is new to you, then go HERE to see for yourself the amazing impact they’re having in Haiti).

Having said that, Respire Haiti needs your help. Just a few moments ago, I received this email:

Your generosity can save lives. Due to the recent unrest in Haiti, it is vital to us that we can continue to best serve our patients and community in the coming months. For us, this means making sure that we have ample medical supplies and prescriptions in our clinic, while keeping our emergency medical fund full. Due to a few recent patient emergencies, our emergency medical fund is running low, leaving our staff anxious at the possibility of any new medical emergencies arising. Considering all the current turmoil in Haiti, it is not an unlikely scenario that transportation be halted, leaving our medical staff unable to stock life-saving medicine for our community. As we look to the rest of 2021, it is an absolute necessity that we keep our medical clinic prepared for emergencies.

If you feel called to give the current needs of our clinic are:
– Covering recent emergency medical bills for our patients at the local hospital $5,800
– Restocking of our pharmacy $2,000
– Restoring our emergency medical fund $2,200

Truly any amount small or large makes an impact! We thank you in advance for your support whether that is spiritual or financial. 

If you are interested in being a monthly medical partner simply check monthly donation on our donation page and a Respire Haiti staff member will reach out to you about your monthly impact. If you have any questions about being a medical partner please email
If it’s possible, and if God has given you the resources, may I encourage you to consider helping them out. Click HERE to do so.

I just wanted to make their need known.

Praying for Haiti,

Pastor Dave

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