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Taking the first step

The first step often times is the most daunting. The good news is that each situation has its own unique risk/reward dynamic and when seeking Jesus, the low risk certainly justifies exploration. If you’re searching for a higher level of meaning, greater understanding or clearer direction as to perhaps why we’re all here, find a community where you feel some compatibility and jump! You may find there the exact right fit or through the experience you find yourself introduced to a better option where you feel even more at home. It’s important we understand spirituality is a journey. We never fully arrive. What’s most important is we humble ourselves to get on the path acknowledging a commitment to Christ will lead to purpose and fulfilment we seek. When searching for a church, look for authenticity. Find a community where your intuition tells you there are good people. Latch on to someone who can help you get familiar and better understand the congregation. Don’t hesitate to get involved in groups and participate in church events and parties. Consider the possibility the your inclination to find greater meaning in the church led you to the exact right place and because of it, you can know see and experience your full potential. We know one thing, if you’re searching… if you’re heart is seeking more… Wilson UMC is confident you may find answer here and with open arms we welcome you to check us out!

Our greatest need is to be fully known and at the same time for we loved. Our greatest fear is that if we are fully known we won’t before we loved.

Rev. David Hiester

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