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Learn how Greg found the church and why he comes…

I came to Wilson UMC early in 2019, at the lowest point in my life. I had suddenly lost both parents, my job of 34 years, my family, my home, and was diagnosed with significant health issues. About every “friend” I had was associated with my work, and they quickly vanished. I had nobody. But worst of all, I lost my beloved 11 year old son. I became extremely depressed, sad, guilty, and isolated. I was wallowing in “the devil’s playground”.

Jesus had been whispering in my ear all of my life, but life had been so good, adventurous, reckless even, with many “friends”. I was too busy enjoying life to really hear Him. But then my life changed almost overnight, and I became lost.

I drove by Wilson UMC one afternoon, dreading getting through another night, and I felt compelled to stop. I walked into Pastor Dave’s office unannounced. I think he was a little shocked, but listened to my story, counseled me, and welcomed me into the church, recommending we “take things slowly”. Since that day, I look forward to going to church each week. I was even baptized, and my faith in Jesus continues to grow.

I will have good and not so good days. I am retired ( I think), and now with the Covid-19 virus, am still pretty isolated. But I now have my son every other week. And I now know that the one person that continues to stick with e day in and day out is Jesus.

Wilson UMC may have saved my life.