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Learn how God brought Elaine to know Wilson…

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a horrific wildfire blasted it way through Mountain Shadows. The community learned that Wilson UMC was planting a tree in remembrance of one that had been lost near the church.  The community was invited to watch.  There I met David Heister, the brand new pastor, and Indiana Martin. 

I decided to “check out” a worship service soon after, quietly, or so I thought!  A time to greet the people around you.  I wasn’t expecting that! I received a hug so warm and loving from a lady who made me feel truly welcomed.  To this day, she is a cherished friend.  Immediately, the moving sermon and the wonderful praise band had me captivated.  Still checking. Then the next week and the next.  I decided I wanted to become a member of this unbelievable and yet VERY believable church. 

When everything around the church was ash, Wilson was spared.  I believe there is a reason for that.

Pastor Dave has inspired me, made me cry and laugh out loud with his sermons.  He is relatable pastor. My faith has grown.  My prayers are better.  Indy’s deep faith is shared with us with his beautiful voice and inspires my faith. I am able to share with friends and family who can worship Wilson online.  Church friends are the best friends.  Wilson provides us all with opportunities to grow, be it a wonderful book to read, a life group, or a very special weekly prayer meeting.  

God Himself guided me to Wilson.  I thank Him daily for Wilson and helping me go out to be a good shepherd and have a wonderful week in  ministry.