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We want to do everything we can to help people find, fall in love with, and follow Jesus
Rev. David Hiester

"We had nothing to lose, everything to gain and zero regrets as Wilson has opened our hearts and reignited our passion for Christ and the path, we found within the Church."
"I walked into Pastor Dave's office unannounced. I think he was a little shocked, but he listened to my story, counseled me, and welcomed me into the church, recommending we "take things slowly."
"There is a humility and kindness at the core of this congregation and its leaders. We are excited to see and take part in what God is doing in and through us all at Wilson!"
"God Himself guided me to Wilson. I thank Him daily for Wilson and helping me go out to be a good shepherd and have a wonderful week in ministry."
"It wasn’t until we started going that we realized that the church, and the people who attended the church, were the embodiment of what it is to be the people of God."

Dana's Testimony

Learn how experiences as a child that most might envy, we're unable to give 10 year old Dana any meaning. It wasn't til a visit from Grandma and an introduction to Jesus Christ that opened the door to the direction Dana sought and a life of meaning and purpose.

Tracy's Testimony

Having known about Jesus as a young child, life and it's distractions still managed to pull Tracy away as she entered young adulthood. Thankfully the Lord's presence remained and through faithful influences she landed back on the path to live of life of purpose and descipleship.

Daniel's Testimony

As a pastors son,with a misconception of what "Success" is... Daniel fought to find "His Faith". Through the beautiful seeds planted by his parents and the support of true friends, Daniel not only found his faith but a life as a pastor!

Lea Ann's Testimony

A lifelong disciple having grown up in the church, it wasn't until struggling through some significant life challenges that a more personal relationship with Jesus was forged. Learn how Lea Ann not only bounced back but has rededicated her life to helping others find Christ.

Tom's Testimony

Learn how a unique experience completely changed what a young, successful university student thought it was to be a disciple of the Lord. He learned his successes and good will were not enough but through a submission to Jesus, salvation could be found.

Cynthia's Testimony

As a young explorer, inquisitively seeking answers, Cynthia found great comfort in her relationship with Christ providing much needed blessings in the life of her family. An evening prayer for Faith provided more than she could have ever imagined.

Richard's Testimony

Starting out with no religious beliefs and being directed by science and logic, Richard's path would most certainly lead him down a transformative path. Through an instictual drive to uncover truth he found himself in the arms of Jesus Christ.

David's Testimony

Learn about a story self described as "messy" that led David from self inflicted adversity and challenge to a life of discipleship and servitude as your pastor.