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Town Hall Meetings

November 11 Town Hall Meeting

January 15 Town Hall Meeting


Has Wilson UMC voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church?
No. The Next Steps Task Force was formed to inform the congregation about all sides of the issue and help lead the congregation to an understanding and potential vote. This is to follow the disaffiliate process outlined by the Mountain Sky Conference which can be found here.

When will the congregational vote take place?
March 12, 2023 at a Congregational Meeting

Can members who have not been attending or tithing vote?
Yes. Anyone who has status as a member can vote.

What is the total financial obligation that Wilson UMC would be required to pay to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church? 
The total financial obligation will be: retirement obligation; two years of mission shares (apportionments); any outstanding arrearages; repayment of grants received in prior ten years; and any payment required for the property for release of the trust clause. We are not certain what that amount is, but we are researching and trying to get a best guess estimate of that number. The property valuation could be dependent upon a congregational vote. 

How does staying or disaffiliation impact those who work/lead Wilson? Would Dave or anyone leave?
These are personal decisions that have been prayerfully considered by each individual. 

What does the church currently have available for the financial cost of disaffiliation?
Cash reserves are minimal. We don’t have an exact number at this time. 

What are our options for funding the financial cost of disaffiliation? 
At this time, our options are a pledge drive, a mortgage, or a combination of both.

Is the Global Methodist Church an option?
It is an option that leadership is looking in to at this point in time.  

Are there any ideas of where we would go if we decided to disaffiliate? What would we be if we were not Methodist? 
Church leadership is researching other Wesleyan denominations including the Global Methodist Church. 

Are there other Methodist Churches locally that might have similar feelings?
Yes. There is at least one other local Methodist Church that has similar feelings. 

Is Pastor Dave a member of Wilson UMC? 
No, Pastor Dave is not a member of Wilson. Methodist protocol does not allow pastors to be members of their local church. 

How many LGBTQ+ ordained pastors are there in the United Methodist Church?
There are two LGBTQ+ bishops. We are unsure or unaware if there are any LGBTQ+ pastors.