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We are all called

The pressures of our modern world nearly temper someone to be covered in a protective shield. Yet the Lord asks us to fully submit for salvation to had. This is this polarity that many struggle with. They want to be vulnerable and hand their lives over to God but they (at the same time) feel a worldly instinct to protect what they’ve built and secure themselves from risk. It is a great juggling act but as one dives deeper into faith, they begin to see it is the vulnerability, it is the submission to God, it is the faith in knowing it will be alright, that opens the door to true safety, security and protection. Our God is a loving God, looking for opportunities to grow a stronger relationship with each of us. It’s important we relinquish control to our creator and the reward for doing so will exceed even our greatest aspirations. We at Wilson United Methodist Church invite you to experience our community and we believe that together each one of us can better forge the relationship with the Lord described above and live the life of purpose each of our hearts yearns for.

Let go and let God!

Unknown Author

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