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Youth Group

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Christina Ziem

Director of Youth Ministries

Christina moved to Colorado Springs from abroad during high school and met her (future) husband, Andrew, while attending Liberty together. She later studied Anthropology at Colorado State University, now has over 15 years of youth ministry experience, and has been serving on staff with Wilson since 2018. Christina has a commitment to sandals which endures winter snow and a tendency to sit cross legged on the floor. A husband, three kiddos, and cat named Merlin keep life exciting in the Ziem household where video games and reading are shared family hobbies. Christina can often be found out cycling trails in Colorado or shooting traditional archery with friends at a local target hiking range. Her passion for youth ministry is rooted in deep love of Jesus and sparked by appreciation for the hunger for truth which comes naturally to young people as they seek to understand themselves and the world they inhabit. Christina’s ministry style is highly relational, tends to be fun, and is always pointing toward the beauty of a close and growing relationship with God.