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Join in Generosity

your contributions make a difference

"God Himself guided me to Wilson. I thank Him daily for Wilson and helping me go out to be a good shepherd and have a wonderful week in ministry."

Support Wilson's Ministry

It is through your generosity we can continue to grow our ministries around the world and share the good word of Jesus Christ.

We believe giving is an extension of your faith. It is a reflection of your trust in the Lord and blesses our congregation with the much needed resources we need to not only deliver thoughtful services throughout the week but the many programs custom tailored to the many they serve throughout our community.

We want to express our sincerest appreciation to all of our supporters. It is because of you we can collectively serve the Lord and the world around us. 

"I walked into Pastor Dave's office unannounced. I think he was a little shocked, but he listened to my story, counseled me, and welcomed me into the church, recommending we "take things slowly."

Christmas Eve Offering

Every year Wilson UMC collects a Christmas Even offering that is then distributed out into the world in mission. 100% of your giving this evening will be directed to two very important ministries: Westside Cares and Respire Haiti

"It wasn’t until we started going that we realized that the church, and the people who attended the church, were the embodiment of what it is to be the people of God. Everyone welcomed us with open arms!"

Advent Offering - (Adopt-a-family)

Advent is a special time of the year. A time of reflection where we’re called to exhibit our faith in a particularly unique way. Advent is a period of time we as a community can truly come together and make a positive difference in the lives of many in the name of Jesus Christ.

Other ways to Give

Wilson UMC has a capability via VANCO to electronically ‘pull’ a contribution from your checking account on the 1st, 15th or both. If you would like to use the VANCO technique, please complete the form (see link below) and email it to Vivien Pepi, Wilson UMC’s Financial Secretary, at or hand it in at the church office.

Click here for the Electronic Funds Transfer form.

Note that in order to email the form to Vivien, you must print it, fill in the required information, and then scan it back into your computer.

Almost all banks and credit unions have automatic bill-pay available for free or for a small charge. Please contact Vivien Pepi, Wilson UMC’s Financial Secretary, at for the information needed to set up automatic bill-pay.